Three People Who Should See An Assisted Stretch Therapist

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Stretching regularly can have significant benefits to your physical health, but a lot of people fail to make time to stretch for various reasons. Some people struggle to know the proper way to stretch, while others constantly feel stiff and view stretching as daunting. Instead of struggling to stretch on your own, a good option is to see an assisted stretch therapist. This is someone who has deep knowledge about stretching and who can physically help you through a stretching routine. You may wish to see this person around a set schedule. Here are some people who should see this therapist.

Office Workers

If you sit at a desk for the majority of your workday, you've likely noticed stiffness in a lot of areas of your body. Many office workers suffer from stiff necks and backs, but you may also find that your shoulders and hips feel stiff because of your sedentary workday. While there are workday changes that you should make — including trying to get up and move more — stretching can help to deal with the stiffness in your body. Your local assisted stretch practitioner can help you to perform a series of stretches that target your problem areas.


Many people find that they feel stiffer as they get older. While you might have jumped out of bed in the morning as a teenager or young adult, you may now take more time to get upright when it's time to get up. Learning how to stretch when you're elderly can be intimidating, especially if you don't have any experience with it. An assisted stretch therapist can create a stretching regimen that works for your body and then help you to perform each stretch. You'll notice a significant improvement in how your body feels as a result.


Although most athletes understand the importance of stretching, some athletes can fail to adequately stretch at times. Perhaps you're bored with your typical stretching routine, or you're frequently sore from playing your sport and stretching isn't overly pleasant. This can be a good time to turn to an assisted stretch therapist. You may find that working with an assisted stretch practitioner introduces you to new stretching techniques that will help you to feel more energized about stretching on your own. The practitioner's stretching routine may also help to loosen muscles that feel sore after you play your sport, resulting in less discomfort in the future.

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